Will Sleeping With My Ex Bring Him Back?

Was not sleeping with him the first place the cause of  your problem?  Did he tell you that as long as you chose to remain chaste, refused to open your legs for him he would have nothing to do with you? Will sleeping with my ex bring him back?

  Wow! This is unbelievable question of our time! Well, it depends on what business you have with this kind of man anyway.  If you are a s*x worker, yes, sleeping with him will definitely bring him back. If you are his romantic and s*x mate, surely closing your legs before him will be the most stupid thing you would have ever done.   Will sleeping with my ex bring him back?

Not for a man who loves you and wants to have a meaningful relationship with you. A man who loves you enough to make you his wife and everlasting life partner will continue to run after you and long to have you yet more and more each and every time you try to distance your body from him.   A man who cherishes you the way you are will have respect for you so much that he would not want to embarrass you with the issue of s*x.  

Yes, the one and only truth is that refusal to have s*x with your friend or suitor will NEVER make him to leave, if he truly loves and means well for you. Only Casanovas, chasers and tappers  will. Will sleeping with my ex bring him back? How and why?   For a truth, s*x is never a ground on which marriage is founded. Only personal qualities, possessions ,and likes are. And all my life in my imaginative works and with my realistic senses, I have never heard that a suitor, a man who said he has found love in a woman left her because she refused to sleep with him.

But I have seen and heard for real, how men flew from women they were considering marriage with for their lack of self control and ability to stay chaste.  

How will sleeping with your ex, a man who left you because you refused to sleep with him bring him back? Of course it might bring him back but that is only for s*x reasons! Not for any love or serious relationship affairs but for craving of your body and lust.   You didn’t open your legs for him when he wanted it because you were a different person. You refused to sleep with him because you knew it was improper. What suddenly happened to that wonderful knowledge of yours dear Motivational friend? Since when and how has chastity become improper?

  Be careful with your thought this time. Stop making yourself go against your will and desire because of a man who only craves for your body.  I can’t believe this father! While some women are saying no to serious suitors wanting marriage because their men have not been able to buy them their desired cars, houses or raise capital for them to start up business and promote their careers, you are here disturbing yourself and everyone with the issue of selling your body for one carnivorous man, looking for your body to tear and dash out. Will sleeping with my ex bring him back? What a question!!  

Any man who tells you that keeping your legs closed from him will make you lose him has a clear message for you already. Don’t even bother him. You do not have to ask whether he loves you or if he has any marriage intention for you or wants to have you as his future partner. He only wants your body! He only wants you for s*x!!   Yes, what do you yourself want?

Honestly, if you want a decent marriage partner, this man is not an ideal man for you! By the way, why should you go back to your vomit all because your body is in want of a partner? But this man doesn’t mean and doesn’t want to be one for you. Can’t you see? He wants your body!  

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Will Sleeping With My Ex Bring Him Back?  

My advice: Leave him alone and let him go! Tell your body you have not yet seen a man who loves and cherishes you to care for it. Keep calm and keep waiting. Your fortune is on the way and you will surely see him on time only if you will let go of the man who wants your body only for s*x and never let him back!!!

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